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Copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirrors: also known as copper-free silver-plated glass mirrors, environmentally friendly mirrors, copper-free and lead-free mirrors and other large raw material mirror plates and lenses, the lead content is less than 60PPM; Features: 鈼?Material: High quality float glass 鈼?Double coated 鈼?Water-proof 鈼?Rigid and bonded plating layer 鈼?Durability 鈼?Easy to processing Application: 鈼?Paneling mirror on walls of doors 鈼?Furniture and shelves mirror 鈼?Decorative mirror, Dressing mirror Color Glass ColorsClear, ultra clear, bronze, euro grey, dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, etc. Back Paint ColorGrey, Blue, Green, White, etc. Size Minimum size/mm300mmx300mm Maximum size/mm3660mmx2440mm Thickness1.8mm-19mmCOPPER FREE MIRROR website:

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