Analysis of the preschool market
The preschool industrycomprises of easy education (Pre-School) and also day care service for infants and children. These are established for caring of preschool children and also for older children when school is not in session like those of summer or even after school hours. The concept of preschool is managed as a basic segment of Indian education market. Preschool education is well organized and structured program for the toddlers, particularly in the age group of 1 to 5 years. This is considered to be a mandatory part of education before the kids are taken to the primary schools. For that reason, this is considered to be a mandatory preschool associated with teaching kids the primary level of learning and living.

Importance to count
Specifically, at the age of 1 to 5 years, kids accept what they are shown. For that reason, the preschools have been making a simple and straight way of learning to action. On the other way, it is seen that parents who both are earning for living makes it a compulsory part to leave their kids at the preschool to help their child get a complete preliminary learning. The preschool market today covers a maximum of the limit with a growth of 15 to 25 % in the education market. This is because of the concern of the parents towards their kids to achieve a better learning for future.

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